How can your firm deliver high performance
consistently and effectively?

Most architecture firms struggle to integrate performance analysis in a way that improves design and project delivery, rather than being an “add on” effort at odds with other goals.

We help firms leverage the latest in performance-based design thinking and
simulation technology in order to deliver more value to their clients
and expand high-performance design across their portfolios.

Equip your design teams
to tackle performance.

Our Sefaira- and Insight-360-focused trainings are designed to help teams understand how and when to use analysis to deliver the most value — an approach that empowers design teams to take the lead on performance.

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  • Training: Modeling for Energy & Daylight Analysis
  • Training: Design Deliverables
  • Live Modeling Charrette for Integrative Design

Integrate analysis into existing workflows.

Architects must be able to produce meaningful studies, quickly and accurately — and communicate results to clients and consultants.

Our training courses provide a straightforward methodology for integrating analysis into your process, including clearly-defined exercises at each design phase and guidance on using analysis to improve collaboration with consultants.

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  • Training: Incorporating Analysis into the Design Process
  • Training: Design Deliverables
  • Consulting: Standards development & workflow integration

Leverage data to improve
practice & win work.

Measure the performance of your firm's portfolio in order to improve project delivery, meet targets like the 2030 Commitment, and enhance marketing and business development efforts.

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  • Training: Marketing & Customer Acquisition for High-Performance Design
  • Consulting: Marketing strategy, content strategy
  • Consulting: Custom dashboards

About Carl 

Carl Sterner, founder of Sterner Design, brings a unique combination of expertise to bear on the problem of integrating performance into architectural practice. With a background in architecture, analysis software development, marketing, and product management, he has a comprehensive perspective on the challenges surrounding — and best practices for — integrating performance analysis into a firm's delivery process, marketing, and design culture. Learn more.

Training Courses


Fundamentals: Modeling for Energy & Daylight Analysis
An introductory training to energy and daylight simulation for designers, utilizing either Sefaira Architecture or Insight 360. Unlike traditional training that focuses on “which buttons to push,” this course focuses on core concepts that help designers integrate analysis and ensures accurate results.

Fundamentals: Incorporating Analysis into the Design Process
This course outlines a series of clearly defined studies and deliverables for each stage of design, shows how to customize analysis based upon client goals, and describes a process for working effectively with in-house specialists and consultants.

Fundamentals: Interpreting and Quality-Checking Analysis
Learn how to quickly interpret energy and daylight analysis, quality-check the results (including identifying telltale signs of error), present findings clearly, and make appropriate recommendations.

Design Deliverables Trainings
Each session shows how to create a specific deliverable using Sefaira, Autodesk Insight 360, and/or Climate Consultant. Participants are encouraged to use current projects for in-class exercises. Download the complete Training Catalogue for a complete list of deliverables.

Live Modeling Charrette for Integrative Design
A 4-hour session focused on exploration of energy, daylighting, and water-related strategies. This is a great way for project teams to improve their analysis skills while advancing a specific project. Can be used to achieve the LEED Integrative Process credit.

Marketing & Customer Acquisition for High-Performance Design
Learn how your firm can win more high-performance projects by utilizing strategies from the world of high-tech startups. This interactive workshop discusses content marketing, social media marketing, and referral strategies, as well as utilizing project performance data to strengthen proposals.

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We provide customized consulting for architecture and engineering firms looking to improve their delivery, tracking, or marketing of high-performance design. Our services include:

Workflow & Process Integration
Customized consulting on how to incorporate performance analysis into your firm's workflows and processes efficiency and effectively.

Performance Standards
We can help you develop Minimum Performance Standards, best practice guidelines, or collaboration protocols, which can improve performance across your portfolio by making it easy for project teams to adopt best practices. 

Template Development
We can create re-usable templates for setting up, quality-checking, and presenting performance simulations — resulting in faster creation of more accurate work.

High-Performance Marketing
Marketing strategy and marketing plans designed to drive more high-performance business. This can include content marketing and referral plans.

Tracking & Reporting
We can help develop plans to meet key objectives, such as 2030 Commitment targets or AIA COTE awards; utilize the 2030 DDx; or implement custom dashboard solutions for tracking performance across a portfolio.